What We Do


Defense Investigations

Tripoli Investigation and Services can search for the facts to your client's case and verify statements made in police reports. We can perform face-to-face pretext with neighbors (normally a minimum of 3 neighbor contacts). Photos/video clips of residence and vehicles to discover possible new evidence of witness statements are available if required.

Witness Location / Skip Trace

Missing person? Unanswered Questions? Witnesses needed for your court case? Tripoli Investigation and Services can perform skip tracing and other verification processes and provide you with a comprehensive report.

Locate Place of Employment

Does someone owe you money or do you need to know where to serve wage garnishments? Dead beat parents, are you trying to collect back child support? We can help locate place of employment and get your money back.


Tripoli Investigation and Services understands the importance of getting your papers served. We offer discount rates for volume work and will make attempts at all hours to make service. Fast and reliable turnaround is what we provide and by using a Private Detective there is no need for a special appointment. We will serve your summonses, complaints, writs, and other legal documents, and where needed will be able to do skip tracing and locate additional information.

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Background Checks

When you hire a new employee, do you really know who you are hiring? Thinking of taking in a partner or investing with someone? What does their background say? Do they have a criminal record? Are they involved in any lawsuits? What do their previous employers say about them? You should know who you're doing business with or who is going to work for you. We can provide you a comprehensive report and you can decide.

Court Docs

Busy with legal cases and don't have time to research and retrieve original papers? Frustrated by courts that are not 100% online and still require an individual to pick up requested items? Tripoli Investigation and Services can research and retrieve needed information and quickly provide it to you.

DMV Searches

Do you need verification on vehicle registration or a tag check to verify ownership? Has the vehicle been sold, titled, and properly registered? We can verify all facts needed to prove your case.

Secure Transport

Do you need documents or other valuables transported via secure method? Tripoli Investigation and Services is able to provide these services.


We can save you time. Let us file your court papers and research documents needed for your pressing cases. Tripoli Investigation and Services can perform these duties for you, saving you valuable time.